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Mini Thin Mint ice cream sandwich

My name is Ashley, and I'm addicted to sweets.

I am the person who loves finishing off a meal on a sweet note (even if it's just a small piece of chocolate). I crave a shake in the middle of the day. I see absolutely no problem with adding six or seven different toppings to an ice cream sundae.

Of course, all things in moderation. Over the years I've become better at making small, simple snacks that satisfy my cravings without going over the top. And since this is March, the month of Girl Scout Cookies, I thought I'd share one with you.

A few years back, Angie and I belonged to a book club, where a group of five or six of us would meet once a month to have dinner, drinks, and dessert (and, of course, to talk about the book--that is, if we weren't catching up on everything else). One month, Angie and I decided we'd bring a Girl Scout Cookie dessert. We had fun creating a Thin Mint pie, and in the process we also discovered the thrill of mini Girl Scout ice cream sandwiches.

To make the sandwich you see above, all I did was put mint ice cream between two delicious Thin Mints. Ta-da! In just seconds, I had an amazing little snack. You can get really creative with these sandwiches. Try strawberry ice cream between the shortbread Trefoils or vanilla ice cream between two peanut butter Tagalongs. And if you stumble on a REALLY amazing combination, you know we're going to want to hear all about it!

Sometimes the best, most delicious things in life are the most simple.

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