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Today I am volunteering at a Salt Lake arts event, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company's Cabaret of Fools. Because the event is all about flair and color and fun, I wanted to wear a piece of jewelry that popped. I originally thought about buying a a new necklace before realizing I already have something that will work perfectly. Sometimes I do that... think I need to buy new without checking to see if any of my already-purchased items will do the trick. I love realizing I can both save money and give used to something I already own.

So here's to my little purple and gold necklace for inspiring this evening's outfit. Let's have a blast!
4/4/2010 08:23:40 am

Ironically I went shopping to find something else to wear to Cabaret too, actually bought something, then came home and realized the dress I had was WAY better and wore that. Great minds think alike. But I love your little zing!


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