Everyday Inspirations


Dan and I took today off. Originally it was because we wanted to go camping, but since it's Easter weekend, we decided to stay in town. Turned out to be a perfect plan. We had a delicious brunch, went shopping at the outlet mall for some desperately needed work pants for yours truly, and even cleaned up the house a bit.

At the mall, I stumbled upon this darling elephant necklace and had to bring it home (only $12 -- steal!). I think he is beyond sweet. I just adore elephants (and hippos... probably because I've loved two big gray animals most of my life).

Today was a good day and it has made me reflect on blessings. I'm so thankful for my life and all the moments that make it, both big and small -- so thankful for for the love I share with others, for budding spring days, for quiet homecooked meals with my sweetie

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