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I love shopping for spring. It is so refreshing.

This year, I've banned dark colors (read: all that black I own) from my wardrobe and am embracing light, sweet colors, fabrics, and accessories. Best of all, I'm doing so on the cheap. If you should know anything about how I shop, it should be that I never pay full price for anything. Seriously. I am a big believer in clearance racks (and discount coupons), sales, and special events. I believe it's totally possible to shop at the stores you love without going broke. If there's one thing that is more refreshing than adding fun spring pieces to your wardrobe, it is knowing that you saved a LOT of money doing it. (And I just adore the receipts that tell you exactly how much!)

In honor of the first official day of spring (March 20), here are a few of my favorite spring wardrobe additions:
two-tone watch.
This watch was actually a Christmas gift from Dan, so I've been wearing it for a few months now. I love how it works so beautifully with my spring wardrobe. The rose gold is the perfect accent to this light colors.

peach striped tee
I have a major soft spot for nautical stripes -- show me a navy-and-cream-striped shirt or sweater, and I guarantee I'll fall in love. I picked out this soft tee because it's a spring version of a classic. The peach stripes are such a perfect color.

green beaded necklace
I love green. Though I suppose this is more mint, right? This necklace is beautiful and flirty, and goes with everything (it totally pops next to that peach striped tee). I'll be getting a lot of wear out of this.

short sleeve cardigan
If I could wear a cardigan every day, I totally would. I love how versatile they are. I swooned when I found short sleeve versions of them and bought three great, neutral colors (ivory, light navy blue, and light gray). These babies will get more wear than that necklace, guaranteed.

vanilla sugar frosting lotion
Funny enough, this is another Christmas gift that is proving to be quite useful for spring. I only just rediscovered this lotion in my cabinet and have used it ever since. It's a surprisingly light, sweet scent that works for spring.

an ivory bag
I carried a big black bag through fall and winter, so adding this ivory handbag to my wardrobe made an instant difference. I also love that it goes with everything -- any color shoe, any color outfit (I'm definitely a one-bag-at-a-time woman).
3/23/2011 02:15:47 am

you have such great taste in clothing!! i love all these pieces!

3/27/2011 11:05:27 am

Girl, we NEED to have a shopping trip together. I love your taste too! (I have a feeling we'd recommend great pieces to one another.)


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