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Tonight I had the honor of being the photographer, along with my dear friend Jess, for the fabulous event, Cabaret of Fools hosted by the local, internationally-touring,  Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company. Here's a preview with a few photos from my phone using my favorite, Hipstamatic app. 

I absolutely love the Great Gatsby-esque flair the event has and the energy of the flamboyantly-dressed guests it brings. 

This year's theme was "hats off to education" (I didn't get the memo or I would have worn my adorable antique hat to go with my LBD) so everyone came donning their finest headdresses. 

The color scheme always involves the classic red-black combo, but they change it up with a different dramatic look. It's incredible how much great lighting can make a difference in a room, and of course a stage is the perfect setting to make a statement like this--simply stunning.
With a live band inspired by Michael Buble, performances from the dancers themselves, and plenty of dancing, you almost wouldn't know you were in Utah. 
And what's a fancy event without a fabulous outfit? I wore a curly side ponytail and paired my classic little black dress with a sheer jacket, a long, black beaded necklace, and sparkly earrings. I also had some Steve Madden black lace and patent leather heels, but I didn't take this until I got home, and well, after running around taking photos for five hours, those things were not going back on, even for a photo. Ha! 

I'll be posting more of the "real" photos from this gorgeous event on my photography blog, angelafairbanks.com.

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