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Everyday we deal with stress--stress of work, technology, driving, and the list goes on. Problem is, when we're done with these stressors it's often hard to turn off your thoughts. We get consumed with frustration, anger, or our compulsive need to check in. I am no expert on this. In fact, I am writing about this because I really really suck at turning it off. I regularly curse technology or don't know how to turn off thoughts about work. I adore my job, but sometimes I just need to turn it off. I'll just be settling in and I get a Tweet, an email, and eh, while I'm on let's just check Facebook. I sometimes don't realize how much it can drain me to never take a mental break. It's not rocket science, but here are tips that help me turn it off.

Take a walk. 
With it starting to get a little warmer out, every weekend I have started taking Daisy on a nice loooong walk. Being out in nature with just the two of us and seeing the happy little look on her face as she frolics is great for helping my mind renew. I find myself looking forward to our walks all week because it's truly a chance for me to detox mentally.

Remove yourself from technology. 
This one is nearly impossible for me. Turn off the phone. Shut down your computer. Do not touch the remote of that TV. Even when technology is "entertainment" to help relax you, it can still wear you down more than you think. It might be the moods of other you connect with online or the way the light literally tires out your eyes, but sometimes you just need to disconnect.

Spend time with people you love.
Few things can really separate you from everyday stress like laughing and talking with people you love. Plan some girl time, make a date night, or go visit your family. Make a "no stress" rule where you can't be negative so your time together can really refresh you. 
Read a book. 
Distance yourself from your world be diving into another. Reading not only takes you away, but also helps build strong mental sustainability. 

In case you haven't already gotten enough of Daisy.
Give it a rest.
When all else fails, take a nap. Often sleep really is the best way to detox and renew so you can be the best, most refreshed you in all your daily tasks. 

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