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To me, Suave was the brand we used when I was little because it was cheap. I stopped using it as soon as I hit junior high because I had already grown out of its lack of coolness. I know, I know, did anyone really know what hair products I used? But somehow when you're 13 your hair products are part of what define you.

The other day I'm at the store and run down the aisle to get some hairspray for my hubby. He uses what I call the cheap brand -- again, Suave, though their standard line. I generally avoid using his because it's just too sticky for my liking, but works great for his man hair. While I'm on that aisle I glance the Suave Professionals. I had seen some commercials for it, but wasn't fully convinced it was going to be any better than the original. I figured it was like most of those "special lines," basically the same product but at a slightly higher price. I was out of hairspray too, but I generally buy a more expensive salon brand so I'm on the fence.

I decide to go for it -- it was just over $2 so it could at least fill in until I got my normal stuff and I figured Nate could use it if I didn't like it. There were two options, lightweight hold or maximum. I went for the first because I don't like it super strong. I'm not much into using a ton of hair product and, in fact, don't use stuff in mine everyday. I don't find that so weird, but some people gasp when I say that. (My hair dresser tells me my hair is almost too healthy though, so I must be doing something right). I use a little hairspray to add volume or to hold a curl, but in my experience, hairspray almost always tends to make my hair even frizzier so I avoid it unless needed. It will look good to start, but the minute I get out into the world, it feels sticky, gets frizzy and/or the curl just falls -- reasons 1, 2 and 3 I rarely curl my hair. It starts looking great, it just doesn't stay looking great for very long. 

So after my first use of Suave Professionals I am thoroughly impressed!* The lightweight hold held my curls and volume for not just one day, but two! Both photos of me on this post are from day two -- over 24 hours after a curling iron had come near my hair and it had been slept on. Only thing I did was add a little extra hairspray on day two and the frizz was gone and squeeze to make the curl bounce right back. Not too shabby! It truly felt lightweight too even though I used plenty to hold those curls. My fingers could run through my hair and it was not a bit sticky to the touch, but actually soft. I don't think I have ever experienced that. I think I just might be sold. The excellent hold, non-sticky feel + it's under $3? Um, yes please. 

I was doing research for this post and I also found on their website you can play "can you tell which is Suave and which is the salon brand?" game. Pretty cheesy, but if you do it, you can win coupons for discounts or free products. I played and won 2 free Suave Professionals products so I will be sure to try a couple more things. I'm interested to try their dry shampoo as I don't wash my hair everyday to keep it healthy.

Anyway, give it a try and see what you think. The best part is it's still so cheap, the barrier to entry is pretty low. :)

*I am not being compensated in any way to write this.

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