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It's March! How did that happen?

I have decided that I am going to retire the black (oh, so much black) and only wear spring colors until spring is truly upon us. And you know what? That decision makes me happy.

I saw this shirt a few weeks ago while shopping on my lunch break, but decided against it. I thought about it a few times since, and when I saw it today (on sale!) I knew it had to be part of my spring wardrobe. Is it silly that a shirt can make me so happy? I don't think so. Besides, I need all the inspiration I can get after tonight's Biggest Loser. I'm surprised by how angry I still feel. I even told myself I wouldn't mention it on today's post, but here I am mentioning it on today's post. (Anyone else watch and know what I'm talking about.)

Anyway. A few small reasons why I can't wait for spring:
1. Runs in the park, which are great for two reasons: one, it'll be warmer, but not unbearably hot; and two, there will still be LIGHT after work. Hello, sun!
2. Saturday lunches and/or Sunday brunches on the patio.
3. Long, wandering walks exploring my neighborhood. It's too charming to miss.

Don't you just love the quiet, little moments that make a season so beautiful? Spring has been the perfect background for memories I treasure. I think that's why I'm so obsessed with writing about it now.

Tell us why you can't wait for spring.
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