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EI girls chilling at the pool
This coming week we bid a fond farewell to the summer sun. Goodbye cute bikinis, hot sun on your skin, Otterpops and slushies, 6 am sunrises, long girlfriend chats at the pool, green mountain scenery, sandy summer vacations, frozen margaritas, hot dogs and s'mores over the fire, colorful blooms, fun with fireworks, backyard barbecues, warm nights on the porch, cool mountain escapes and late night sunsets. We will dream fondly of your hot days come January. Until next year. So long summer!

9/18/2010 01:13:32 am

Love the photos of your happy pups! Definitely clicking that Pedigree site! I completely agree on the friendship between our people and non-human animals. Our dog is a rescue, we got her when she was 5 and she's the sweetest thing ever. Can't believe she went through two other owners who called her "high needs." The previous owner wrote, "she cowers and urinates when punished." !!! Makes my blood boil. My horse is also a rescue of sorts. Purchased her as an off-track thoroughbred. Retired from racing and stuck in a lesson program where she was losing weight on that downhill slide that usually ends on the meat truck. Now she is sleek, healthy, confident and we have a great time eventing. Here's a photo of her: http://bit.ly/9qlLcP So nice to meet someone who has a place in there heart for animals.

9/18/2010 01:17:41 am

Oops! I thought I was replying to the dog post! Well, I bid farewell to summer too. Although I say good-bye with gusto. Bring the snow and the cold---we live close to a fun little ski spot and can never get enough swooshing in during the season! So say hello to cute hats, cozy fires, hot cocoa, coffee with friends, candles burning all day, dog walks with cross-country skis, delicate snowflakes and the sizzle and speed of downhill skis on the snow!

9/18/2010 01:24:47 am

Hee hee. No problem! I'm going to move over your comment, though, so more people can read your story. I love hearing about families like yours -- your experience definitely supports this cause. :)


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