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I simply couldn't go to San Francisco without helping myself to a delicious meal of clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. It would be a crime to skip that experience. Besides, the last time I went to San Francisco I was young and silly, convinced I didn't like chowder. Oh, boring 18-year-old me.

So while on the wharf, we happily found ourselves at Boudin Bakery for a late lunch. (Check out their web site for recipes -- sadly, chowder and bread bowls are not on there, but there are some heavenly-looking recipes for bruschetta and garlic bread. Oh, and sourdough s'mores... I KNOW).

Dude. I was oohing and ahhing, and maybe even squealing with delight, when I received my food. Seriously, how delicious does that bread bowl look? It tasted even better.

Because I haven't yet made chowder myself (believe me, this will change), I did a search on recipes and found Allrecipe.com's 20 best chowder recipes. This one is probably what I'll try first, because I need potatoes in my chowder. They're the best part.

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