Everyday Inspirations

Happy Earth Day! Today marks the 40th anniversary of people uniting to save our planet. We all know how we can help—recycling, driving fuel efficient vehicles, turning off the lights, turning off the water, supporting green businesses, utilizing paperless billing and online bill pay, buying energy efficient appliances, using renewable energy—the list goes on. I highly encourage you to make a change, as each of us doing something small can make a big difference. But today I want to focus on something different—the food we eat.

Modern industrial agriculture damages our planet more than emissions from automobiles. Overused pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics pollute our air, water, and soil. Then there is the transportation and packaging. The corn and wheat in your hamburger bun might be locally grown but manufactured in another country, then shipped back to the U.S. That bun may not cost much monetarily, but it leaves a lasting impression on our world. Many of our food products are individually packaged, which not only wastes resources and creates trash, but also pollutes our air.

Now I don't expect you to completely change the food you eat. Just try to keep this in mind this when you're shopping. Choose the locally grown tomatoes even if they are $0.10 more per pound. Try planting your own garden. Perhaps do a little research on restaurants in your area that choose greener agriculture and livestock. These are the little ways we can relieve the stress on planet.

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