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romantic getaway
In my opinion, there are few things that can bring you and your partner together more than travel. There's something about experiencing different cultures and new places together that can really renew your bond. Plus, getting out of the daily routine helps spice things up!

My hubby and I are planning a second honeymoon of sorts to Spain, the destination that was our first choice when we got married. So now to plan! For me planning it is almost as exciting as experiencing it...almost. In another post I shared my favorite sites to help get the planning started and I sure have been doing a lot of research. Seeing as it's almost Valentine's day, now would also be a great time to go for discounted, last-minute fares for something both romantic and spontaneous. And why not? Make it your goal in 2011 to plan some time with just you and that special someone without pets, jobs, kids or responsibilities--because you deserve it.  
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