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For my birthday last January, my very fashionable grandma gave me these darling red plaid earmuffs. I simply adore them! They're bright, fun, and perfect for a chilly winter day. (And they're so darn preppy -- ha ha.) Don't they make you think of ice skating and hot cocoa? Oh, and peacoats. ;)

I found the earmuffs in a drawer the other day while looking for Halloween costume accessories. They totally perked me up. If it's going to get cold, at least I can make the best of it and have fun with adorable cold weather accessories. 

{Author's note: As you've noticed, today's post contains a dorky self portrait for those who want to see the earmuffs on. Please excuse the post-work ponytail.}

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11/1/2010 10:18:39 pm

those are soooo cute! i need some! and I love your self portrait. You look gorgeous no matter what!

11/8/2010 01:50:12 pm

Cute! And just for the record, I, too, rock the post-work ponytail almost every day. :)


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