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Aaand just like that, the Christmas weekend ends and we are looking ahead to New Years Eve and the start of 2011. No matter what you'll be up to Friday night, it's always fun to get dressed up. But after all the money you've spent this month, you probably want avoid buying yet another outfit. Here are four dress ideas that come directly from your closet... everything shown in this post include clothes I was either given for Christmas or already own. That's right. Nothing new bought for Friday night... and so many options! All these outfits can be paired with your favorite pair of tights and some sassy heels or boots (pretty much the best combination ever).
Party type: Elegant cocktails
Pieces: Your favorite LBD (little black dress) + a sassy coat

Everyone should go to an elegant New Years Eve party at least once in her life... after all, that's just one reason why each woman recommends investing in one beautiful, classic black dress. My LBD includes a gorgeous low back, perfect for warm nights inside. And for the run to the car after midnight? A warm, sassy leopard print coat. Add red lipstick and a glass of champagne... ooh la la, chica!

Party type: Celebratory dinner
Pieces: Summer tank dress (seriously) + sweater

What's the point of having warm weather cute dresses hanging in your closet mocking you? Warm 'em up for New Years Eve by pairing them with a favorite casual sweater, and you're ready to go out for your last dinner of 2010. Add your favorite sparkling accessories and have a blast.

Party type: Casual house party
Pieces: Laid-back weekend dress + long cardigan

So you're headed to a friend's house but don't want to go the jeans-and-tee route? Try pulling out a weekend dress and pairing it with a long cardigan. Can I just say how much I ADORE cardigans that are the same length as my dress? Gorgeous!

Party type: Work to party
Pieces: Professional sweater dress + silk belt

No worries if you have to work New Years Eve. You can look chic and party-ready even if you're going to a party straight from the office. Grab a professional winter dress in a dark color that will work in both settings. Accentuate your cute waist with a silk belt tied in a bow. Don't forget some pretty bracelets.

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12/27/2010 04:15:11 am

hey, I just bought that same bottle of champagne last week to celebrate my last day of work on Wednesday. I hope it's good! :)

12/27/2010 04:32:51 am

Good girl! You drink that whole thing in celebration! ;) I remember it being quite good. I adore champagne.


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