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Me, dad, Jeff. Four attempts and not a single picture of all of us acting normal. Perhaps this is our normal.

Today we celebrated my brother's 22nd birthday, officially making him my little-brother-who's-not-so-little-anymore. The kids (including Dan) gathered at my parents' house for a BBQ, birthday tiramisu, and laughter.

I've been reflecting on families a lot lately. My parents and brother are three of my very best friends. I adore my extended family and gain strength from being near them. I am in love with an amazing man who has been welcomed into my family with open arms. And, last but not least, I am surrounded by warm, incredibly inspiring friends who feel like family members.

Some people are born into families they stay close to their entire lives. Others create families out of friends and loved ones they meet along the way. Many of us have a mix of both. It's really a beautiful thing. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what it looks like or who it's made out of. It's yours. It's love.

Life as a family certainly isn't always easy. All human relationships include some conflict that, when understood and used in the right way, can help grow stronger, closer ties. Take a step back today and realize how challenges have helped you grow closer to your loved ones. Realize how lucky you are to have them. I guarantee your heart will be lighter and you'll feel blessed. Keep this feeling tucked away, refer to it often, and remember that this life is all about love.
Happy birthday, silly brother! We're all proud of you.
8/26/2010 04:53:19 am

such a beautiful post.

and speaking of beautiful, that's what you are. :) you are so photogenic, even when you're being goofy.

8/26/2010 06:18:16 am

Teri, you are so sweet. Thank you for such kind words. ash


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