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boxer puppy
Daisy girl sitting pretty
I am doing my best to not be the crazy lady that only ever writes about her dog--how cute she is, how funny she is, how I love watching her nap, how fast she learns, how much I love her every little whisker. I apologize if any of you have seen too many of my obsessed mommy tweets about my boxer puppy. But have you SEEN her? She is so stinking cute I can't handle it.

What has truly surprised me most though is how much getting a puppy has made my maternal instincts kick in. I was expecting it a little, but not like this. I know, I'm in my mid 20s, fully into my childbearing years. It shouldn't be a surprise. Suddenly I worry about her when I'm gone, watch her every move, could tell you her pooping, peeing, feeding and playing schedule no problem, can't stand how fast she is growing, and find myself giving my husband instructions on how to take care of her (even though he totally knows how). I even find treats and toys stashed in my purse. I'm pretty sure I need a diaper bag for Daisy. Oh and have I mentioned I can't stop talking about her? I sometimes have to hold myself back because I sound like one of those moms that thinks their children are the only topic worth discussing. I tell myself maybe it's because I now work for BabySteals and KidSteals and spend all day talking with mommies. Whatever it is, the maternal instinct has been awakened (don't get any ideas Ashley).

As a note, whoever says puppy parenthood is good training for having kids is brilliant. I knew how much work goes into it, but I think it has given me a better perspective on the emotional, instinctual side of motherhood. And one day I will have my own baby and then I will really pine for her when I'm gone. All in due time.
8/28/2010 09:46:52 am

She is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I can't stand it!

Spoken like a true puppy grandma who feels her grandmotherly instincts kicking in, too.......

8/29/2010 08:51:37 am

You can talk about Daisy all you want!! I totally turned into a crazy dog lady after we got Maizey. I'm so protective of her, obsessed with her and she's pretty much all I blogged about for about a year after we got her. :)

9/1/2010 03:56:22 am

Oh my goodness, your puppy is quite adorable! Love the pink collar :)

9/3/2010 05:58:09 am

@Teri Oh good I'm glad I'm not the only one! I feel a little obsessed with her. She is definitely one spoiled pup! I really like that Maizey and Daisy rhyme. Too bad you don't live here so they could meet. :(

@Laura Why thank you! I quite agree. I bought her that collar, got it home and realized it was a bit too big for her. But now, sure enough a week later she is about to burst from the red one she is wearing so I think it's about time for the pink one!

9/7/2010 09:27:18 am

She is beautiful! And trust me, I completely know where you are coming from! We got our first boxer when I was 27, our second 9 months later. When the second one came in, I was worried that the first would be mad at me and I couldn't possibly love #2 the same as #1. But I did. They definitely prepare you for the kids -and they are GREAT with the kids! Enjoy the wiggle butt that I KNOW she does. Just watch out for the 75lb lap dog in a few years. It takes about three years for them to completely fill out....but I love the gangly 'teenage' years of boxers!


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