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My grandmother is one of the most generous people I know. She's also one of the world's greatest shoppers. This is how I've ended up with these silky, amazing sheets. I have no idea where she got them but I do know they are awesome. I sleep sooo well now and look foward to snuggling up in them each night with a book before bed. Who knew sheets could make such a difference?

Grandma also gave me some flannel sheets. While I can wait for the snow to fall, I'm definitely excited to snuggle up in those come winter...
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10/19/2010 09:12:32 pm

Nice blog. I read your Blog World articles wich I found very interesting.
If I did not have 3 dogs, I would probably be an obese couch potato.
Since I am more 'responsible pet owner' than 'lazy bum', I do lots of walking and even biking with them.
Say hello to Daisy for me !


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