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~ day 7: our world ~

take a photo
On seventh day of holiday DIY I bring you...no, not seven swans a swimming. Today is all about making your own artwork! I'm a professional photographer so this is one gift I've done many times, but you don't have to be a pro to feel good about giving your photography to someone. The main things you need are a camera that takes decent photos and a good eye. Maybe you have some nice shots from a recent trip or you can venture out this week to take a few shots worthy of a frame.

Here are a few things to think about when you're taking the photos. First, angle. Look at your subject at a unique point of view. Second, lighting. Make sure your photo has proper lighting and use it to add interest to the photo. Finally, composition. Use the rule of thirds to make sure your subject is well-framed.

Once you've taken a photo, now it's time to make it into something for the wall. If you have editing software, be sure to optimize it before it's printed. If you have great colors play them up, or if you have a nice range of light and dark, black and white can add a classy, artistic touch and bring a series of photos together. Send to print at a local photo shop.

Next find the frame. I tend to like simple black or wood frames because the focus is really on the beautiful photo. A white or neutral mat will also frame the photo nicely and make it look like a nice piece of artwork.

Finally, put it all together and give it as a gift. Artwork can be something really personal and can be customized to the recipient. Think an artistic photo of your child for their grandparents; A gorgeous framed photo of a trip together for your significant other or family member; A landscape photo for the nature lover in your life. Capture the world around you and share your perspective with your loved ones. The best part is it's a little piece of you you're giving them and those are the gifts that are treasured for years to come.

When you're done, please share your favorite photos with us!

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