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Is there anything better then having an easy (adult) dessert recipe right in your back pocket? Especially one that only requires two ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right as we speak?

I think not.

I wish I could take credit for this recipe. Really, I do. It's so simple and delicious. I experienced it at Meditrina, a delightful tapas restaurant in South Salt Lake. You may remember it as I recreated their bacon-crusted pork chops a few months back (the recipe that was drooled over by our friends over at Grand MJM--holla!). The same night we had that delicious dish, Dan and I ordered the drunken Oreos. We were a little skeptical about them at first. We didn't have to be. They were incredible.

Are you ready for the ingredients? Ready?
  • Oreos
  • Red wine
That's it. Told you it was easy. And the actual recipe? Drizzle wine over your Oreos. Grab a fork. Enjoy.

I believe Meditrina uses three types of red wine on their dessert, but since all I had in the house was merlot, I used merlot. It was awesome, just as great as I remember. The red wine is the perfect compliment to the chocolate Oreos, plus the textures are really fun. I would have never thought of using wine this way, but I'm so glad I experienced it. Hopefully you feel the same!
9/2/2010 04:51:27 am

oh my gosh, REALLY?? I would never think those would be a good combo. Do you let it sit for a minute for the wine to soften the Oreos? I'm very intrigued...

I've never heard of Meditrina! Maybe I'll try to check it out while I'm in town next week. Maybe we could go out for lunch or coffee one day??

9/2/2010 04:58:22 am

Seriously?! Oh my goodness. This makes me wish I liked Oreos. I probably love red wine enough to make up for it though ;)

9/2/2010 05:10:27 am

@Heather: It makes me wonder what other cookies this would be delicious on. Like I said, I would have never thought of this on my own, so maybe I need to expand my thinking. :) Also, thanks for your comment. I have officially added your blog to my Google Reader. I love meeting new people with great web sites.

@Teri: Definitely give it a try! My Oreos softened up quite a bit because they had to go through a photo shoot, but the second round (tee hee) held up a little bit more since I didn't allow it to send as long. I tend to like my Oreos softened anyway. And yes, definitely should meet up! I'll email you. :)

9/3/2010 02:57:26 am

I've heard of the drunken Oreo's at Meditrina, but I didn't know they were drunken with red wine! I will definately have to try that. I'm not a big fan of oreo's or really any processed cookies, but I do like red wine with chocolate. I bet those Peppridge Farms Milano cookies would be good too!

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