Everyday Inspirations

In the last week or so I found out my car was going to cost almost as much to fix as it is worth, had the stomach flu and well...I've been waiting for something else to happen. I know, here I go tempting the bad news gods! But this time around I was pretty intent on making my life positive and wouldn't let myself focus on the bad stuff. Oh, believe me, I was in a pretty horrid mood when I found out I may need to scrap my always-dependable car (I mean, I really like not having a car payment), but after a little cheering up, I found redirecting my energy made me happy again. I asked myself, "is it the end of the world?" No. So may as well roll with the punches and if I have to get a new car, oh well. So here I am a week later and the final bill for my car and it's about a third of the original quote from another place. Yahoo, right? Like I said here, I guess it just goes to show it's not worth worrying about stuff until it happens and if you think positive it may be even better than expected. Thanks to the awesome mechanic that fixed my car for way cheaper than expected. 
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