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We've all been there--you're shopping or getting ready and your friend or significant other asks how they look in something. If the look isn't something you love, you're suddenly torn between being a good friend and telling them the ugly truth or being a good friend and telling them what they want to hear. Unfortunately there are several ways to go here and unless you have a Twix to delay your response with, you need to make a quick decision as to how you will respond.

Step 1: Survey their personality
Are they the type of person that wants to hear that truth or is it more likely that they are just asking for confirmation of what they think? I usually like to hear the actual truth and I don't ask this question unless I want a real answer for instance, but I know other people that ask this to hear they look good.

Step 2: Survey your relationship
Are you close enough with this person that you won't offend them? I'm not saying you should lie, but if you're not that close it may be more polite to tone down your response.

Step 3: Respond
Whether you've decided you can be openly honest or need to tone down your response, one great way of handling this situation is to suggest something else. You don't need to blatantly dis what they are wearing, instead suggest that you like a different outfit, color, style, pair of jeans, etc better on them. Or nicely suggest it's okay but not your favorite so maybe he or she should keep looking.

This tip really isn't black and white. You just have to tactfully respond based on the situation. That may mean being totally honest or simply telling them what they want to hear. But hopefully this will help you analyze what is appropriate. Good luck! 

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