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This is my sad reality. 1-50 of FOUR HUNDRED NINETY THREE. I guess I'm a season late for my spring cleaning because lately I've been really focusing on trying to get rid of old stuff which means email too. When my email gets cluttered up it's really hard to keep track of everything and respond to those I need to. Beyond that, my mind just feels cluttered when all those emails are waiting for me in there. Now I'm going through and cleaning up so that hopefully I can keep a manageable number in there at all times. Here are some tips to keep your email clutter-free.
  • Get in the habit of deleting unnecessary emails. I get so much junk mail if I don't delete it the first time it will just get buried under the rest later and it won't get deleted until my, um, spring cleaning.
  • Unsubscribe to emails you don't read. If you're like me you may have subscribed to emails from some company thinking you'd get great must-have deals from them but you always end up deleting them. Instead of taking the time to delete them everyday, just click and unsubscribe.
  • Create labels, filters and folders to help keep emails organized. If you need or want to keep certain emails be sure to keep them organized so you can reference them later. Gmail has a great function with labels and filters where you can set up emails with certain addresses or keywords to go into a certain label. You could direct all your promotional emails from certain companies into a folder for instance so they don't clutter your inbox. For instance I have created a filter for all my Twitter follower alerts to go into. I want to see them, just not with all the rest of my emails. Here's a great step-by-step.
  • Have a ton of clutter from certain people? Type their email in your search bar, select all and hit delete!
  • Keep it clean and organized. Usually my inbox gets cluttered with emails I want to keep for later or deals from companies I "might use and therefore I should keep to be deleted in the great purge of 2010." Make sure you organize the things you want to keep like bill pay notifications, account registrations, personal emails, etc. Once that is all taken care of the deals you may need to use can go in a folder that you regularly check and empty.
And now I'm back to my Gmail account that still needs to be polished. Happy de-cluttering!

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