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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my favorite fall outfit?

Soft, cozy, long sleeve tee.

Skinny jeans.


It's so heavenly to slip into this outfit every year as the air becomes cold and crisp.

I'm probably the world's biggest fan of soft, long sleeve tees. I'll buy a bunch at once and totally wear them out by spring thaw.

A simple outfit gives me the freedom to play with accessories. Lately I've been enjoying simple, beautiful necklaces. I'm always a fan of scarves. And cardigans -- how I love cardigans!

What are your favorite cozy go-to outfits this time of year?

10/5/2010 08:21:18 pm

Just discovered your blog and I LOVE it!! something to make me smile each day :-)

Oh, and I totally would wear your outfit ... love those shoes!! If only it wouldn't be pointless to ask where you got these shoes from - as I live in Germany and probably wouldn't be able to get them here ;-)

10/6/2010 12:19:21 pm

THANK YOU, Marie-Sophie! So good to have you here and to hear from you! We love getting to knwo our readers.

The boots were given to me by my parents last Christmas. They're Colin Stuart from victoriassecret.com, so maybe you could get them! :) I can't find the exact kind of boots, but these are similar:

In other news, how hot are these? :) Great, now I'm shoe shopping!


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