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A tale of bravery, damsels who can take care of themselves (thank you very much), and above all, shopping
Fashion Adventure
Today's adventure begins up in Midway, Utah where Ashley and I were working a golf tournament. We were not only excited because of the glorious day in the mountains, but most importantly, our tradition of hitting up the Park City Tanger Outlets on our way home. We finished a little early so we were even more anxious at the prospect of extra time for shopping.
Please let this road lead to Park City
At least one wrong turn later we were off the known path and following a sign with an arrow toward Park City. Surely it couldn't lead us astray. We started off pretty happy with ourselves that we had followed this lovely back road (that was still paved but with much grander scenery) to our shopping destination. Slowly the road started to climb and pavement became winding, rocky dirt paths with long drop-offs. Living most of my life in Utah I'm certainly used to mountain roads, but my car isn't the greatest for such trips and the narrow road is not for the faint-hearted. One minute we were two fashionistas salivating over the thought of our nearing trip to Banana Republic and the next we were, as Ash put it, mountain-goatin' it up the steep, hoping beyond hope that this trail would actually take us to Park City.

Top of the mountain
I tried not to take my eyes off the road lest we fall to our doom, but we were surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring scenery imaginable. Everywhere you looked there were stunning green mountains, forests of black pine, snow-capped peaks, bright white birch trees and running streams. At the top of the mountain we found a place to stop and take a couple pictures before heading back through the mountain range toward Park City. Worry not, this story has a happy ending. After a long, grueling trip for my car and lots of laughing, we made it to the outlets where we found many fashion treasures on sale. Our journey ends as we drove home, the sun beginning to set over the mountains. And we lived happily ever after, to the end of our day.

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