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This has been a busy week, full of news that is anything but inspiring. I find my heart heavy with sadness when I read about awful things we're capable of as humans. It breaks me to my core when I see people making decisions based on misunderstanding, fear, or bigotry.

Hate is a scary, sneaky part of life. It is taught quietly* and spreads rapidly. It is fed by fear and by the often-false belief that there isn't enough of something to go around. It fits easily into human nature, particularly in our need to belong or feel as if we are somehow better than others.

What is most sad is that hating those different from ourselves is, in my opinion, the direct opposite of what our world is trying to teach us. Take a look around. Our natural surroundings are anything BUT uniform Can you even imagine if we didn't have the diversity that makes up our planet? The mountains and the desert. Rain forests and glaciers. Everything is beautiful and perfect in its own way. This diversity is echoed in each human being that walks this planet -- in our features, skin colors, talents, and beliefs. And while most of us want to be our own, individual selves, there are still those who cling to the idea that if "you're not with us, you're against us."

Diversity is beautiful. More than that, it's necessary. If our nation spends the anniversary of 9/11 promoting hate and intolerance... well, then we didn't learn much from it at all, did we?

We cannot judge an entire group by one act of hate. Similarly, hate should never be fought with more hate. We need to use stronger weapons that will unite us. Starting this weekend, vow to honor goodness and spread happiness. Hug. Laugh. Love. Educate. Have faith. Share joy. Spread peace.

We love you, EI friends. You make our world more beautiful.

*And, as we've learned too many times, it can also be taught very, VERY loudly.
9/10/2010 10:30:17 am

So well said. Diversity should be not just tolerated but celebrated. Differences are beautiful.


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