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I know, I know. Here I go again getting sucked into dramatic reality television. But I couldn't help it. I watched episode 1 and then I had to watch the rest. 

Now let me start by saying when I first started watching I was like, oh great, Brad again. Wasn't he a big enough jerk the first time dumping both girls? But after watching through this season, I was impressed by how much he has grown and progressed personally. I actually found myself liking him. 

Chantel and Emily were always two of my favorites, though just as Brad said, different as night and day (and can we confirm that ABC intentially dressed the brunette in black and the blonde in white? Um, yes.) When it came to the finale I can't say I was for #teamemily or #teamchantel. I genuinely really liked both of them and felt they both fit with him in their own way. I saw Chantel as a strong woman--smart, experienced and fun. I saw Emily as a sweetheart--the quintessential southern belle sweet with a sad past. I really felt either way would be great for Brad and I was excited to see who he'd go with. 

So he picked Emily. After tonight, I can't say I'm that impressed with her. Not because of the rumors behind her past and whether or not all that is true--I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that. But the way she handled herself tonight it is obvious she is being guarded in their relationship and not holding up to what she agreed to. He was very open with his intentions from the beginning--he wanted to get married, settle down in Austin (and he expected his wife or fiance to move there), be a father, and generally have the life he's worked through a lot of therapy to get. I feel by continuing on that journey, all of the girls were basically signing that they were okay with that. Of course, I don't know the full story, and I completely respect that it's not really my business, but I guess I feel she is giving up on her end of the deal. I hope she gives it a chance, but it just didn't seem like she was in it tonight. Let's hope for their sake I'm wrong, but she seemed very disconnected. On a random tangent, what was up with him constantly rubbing and touching her?  

In the end, I'm actually really happy for Chantel. I think she is absolutely adorable and I have a lot of respect for the way she handled herself. She asked the hard questions and never once bad-mouthed him (at least not publicly). She recognized her feelings and didn't deny any of it, while still accepting the outcome. And can I say, holy crap she looked gorgeous in the black, one-shoulder gown with feather accent he dumped her in (I always thought them having to get all ready to get dumped was so harsh). I'm happy for her that she is in a new, happy relationship and has moved on. 

So is it all a fairytale? Nope. Just like any relationship, even people on "The Bachelor" leave the show dealing with the real challenges of life and relationships. But while things aren't always perfect, it's still possible to live happily ever after (for the most part). The end.
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