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Adopt a dog month
October is adopt a dog month. Whether you've been looking for an exercise buddy or a companion for you and your family, now is a great time to welcome a pet into your home. Adding Daisy to our family is one of the best decisions we have made and she makes me smile everyday. There are so many furry faces looking for a good home and you could help give a pup the happy lifestyle he or she deserves.

~Let me pause for one moment as I clean up all the cotton Daisy just tore out her toy. ~
exercise walking the dog
Here are a few reasons why dogs make you a better you:
  • They are your constant companion. Dogs are loyal, sweet and always there by your side. Daisy and I snuggle, play and exercise everyday together.
  • They get you active, outdoors and exploring the world. Our four-legged friends need exercise and often it is easier to make yourself get out in the world when it's for a being dependent on you. Great (and super cute) excuse to get/stay in shape right?
  • They have been shown to make you live longer. Research has shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol and have fewer ailments and serious medical problems (even more so than cat owners). 
  • They are family friendly. If you have kids or may someday, a dog is good training for parenthood and a wonderful companion for kids. 
  • They make you communicate better. Dogs speak a very basic language so you learn to be clearer with verbal and non-verbal communication.

sleeping puppy
Ah, just another day of napping
While writing this post I have stopped to take away Daisy's ruined toy, let her out, and refilled her water dish. Dogs are cute, but they take a lot of work too. Too many dogs are given up each year because their owners don't have enough time or money to take care of them. While adopting a dog is wonderful, make sure you are ready to provide the resources it will take to be a responsible pet owner. We waited over a year to get the Daisy because we wanted to be totally ready to be good parents for her. After the long wait and a lot of research we found the perfect puppy for us!

Think you're ready to give a dog a home? Pedigree has a wonderful dog finder. Click here to find a pup near you!

10/13/2010 12:57:11 pm

I will adopt Daisy! (says the puppy Grandma)

10/13/2010 01:36:11 pm

Such a cute puppy!

10/13/2010 10:39:19 pm

Can I adopt YOUR dog? hehe.

I look at the pound website EVERY DAY. It's a problem because then nearly every day I'm asking my husband if we can adopt a dog.

7/16/2012 08:35:57 pm

There are so many furry faces looking for a good home and you could help give a pup the happy lifestyle he or she deserves.


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