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I realized that only recently in my life have I had a space other than my bedroom to call my own.

Let me explain.

Up through college, my bedroom ended up being my place for everything: I slept, studied, primped, and stressed there. During college, my room was the only place to go if I wanted my space; everything else was shared. Even before college, I remember my bedroom as a sanctuary and area to express myself. It was the only place in the house that was all mine. (You know us kids. We loved our rooms.)

I can spread out now that I have a whole bedroom! and a living room! and a kitchen! Because of this extra space, I've started guarding what can and cannot happen in my bedroom. For example, I'm one of those people who has banned television in my room. I've read reports about how television distracts you from sleep, but that's not the reason I banned the tube. I've just realized I want to use my room as a place to rest, relax, and think. Having a TV is too convenient. I know I'll waste time watching it if it's there.

One of my favorite places in my room is my "reading corner" (funny enough, I've always had this, even as a kid). Nearly every night I head there to snuggle by lamp light (there always has to be a lamp by my bed) and read  until my eyes get heavy. The corner has also become a place for nighttime rituals: putting on lotion or chapstick, drinking cold water. It's comforting. And I love those moments at the end of the day where I can spend a little time focused on me.

Any specific room rules you enforce?
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11/10/2010 03:07:23 am

I have all sorts of rules and habits.

Absolutely no TV in the bedroom.
Multiple books to read at a time, stacked on my nightstand.
The couch in the front room (the one that Maizey ate) is for relaxing. Not blogging, not planning, just reading, relaxing etc.


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